System Includes: Panasonic D1232 Digital Super Hybrid System 8EXT The KX-TA1232 is expandable, providing a cost-effective staring point. As your business grows, the system can grow with you by adding the required expansion units and telephones. A single cabinet KX-TD1232 system is expandable to 12 CO lines and 64 stations (32 digital proprietary telephones and 32 single line devices.) Connecting a second cabinet increases the expansion capacity to the system maximum of 24 CO lines and 128 stations (64 digital proprietary phones and 64 single line devices.) And your options don't end there. By adding an optional Panasonic KX-TVS Series Voice Processing System, you no longer have to be concerned about calls going unanswered. The KX-TVS voice processing system is an automated attendant, which directs callers to the appropriate extension or department. It's also a fully featured voice mail system that includes features such as live call screening and two way record. However, programming is the key to customizing the KX-TA1232. The programming options are virtually unlimited. You can program the system so specific telephones are restricted from calling specific telephone numbers — or an outside line can be programmed to call one location during the day and another at night — its your choice Specifications (KX-TA1232) Item Description Capacity CO lines: •Basic- 8 •Includes First extension expansion module- 8 Extensions: •Basic- 16 (32 with XDP) Dialing Method External: Tone / Pulse (10/20 pps) Internal: Tone / Pulse (10/20 pps) Dialing Conversion Tone to pulse, or pulse to tone Telephone Switching Non-blocking PCM time sharing Power Failure Transfer: To pre-assigned extensions Backup: Several hours with optional batteries (depending on use) Connections CO line: Modular jack (RJ-14C) Extension: Amphenol connector Paging: Phono jack External music: 2–conductor jack SMDR: RS-232C Add On Module Connectors KX-TD161: Modular jack (RJ-14C) Station KX-TD170: Amphenol connector Station CID KX-TD171: Amphenol connector CO KX-TD180: Modular jack (RJ-14C) DID KX-TD185: Modular jack (RJ-14C) KX-TD 284: Modular jack (RJ-45) KX-TD382/4/6: Modular jack (RJ-45) KX-TD187: Modular jack (RJ-45) Power Requirement (max) AC 120V, 60Hz 140 Watts Dimensions (H x Wx D) Basic: 25 3/16" x 12 5/8" x 4 1/2" Full: 25 3/16" x 12 5/8" x 4 1/2" Weight Basic: 17.8 lbs. Full: 25.1 lbs. Also Includes: Panasonic KX-TVS200 4-Port Voice Mail System The Panasonic KX-TVS200 Voice Processing System is Configured for 4 Ports, 64 hours Voice Storage, 1024 Mailboxes (And is Expandable to 12 Ports Maximum) Features include: Bilingual Spanish in addition to English prompts. Automated Attendants Service, Voice Mail Service (64 Mailboxes Max), Custom Service Scripts, Interview Service, Paging notification with Call Back Number, Automated Fax Call Transfer, In-band Integration, Quick Setup for KX-TA systems, Remote and On-site Administration (External Modem Required), Caller ID Name Announce, Caller ID Call Routing, Personal Greeting for Caller ID, Two way record with Unlimited Message Length per mail box, Remote Change of Company Greeting, Delete Message Confirmation, Clock Synchronization when integrated with a KX-TD Digital Super Hybrid system in DPITS mode, Remote Call Forwarding Set, PBX trunk (CO line) group can be assigned one of 4 incoming call services: Voice Mail Service, Automated Attendant Service, Interview Service and Custom Service, Day/Night/Lunch/Break Time Service. x14 - Panasonic KX-T7230 Telephone Product Features: 24 Programmable Line Buttons XDP Jack 2-Line LCD Display 13 Soft Keys OHCA HFAB Shift Key Mute Key Automatic Redial Speakerphone Key Hold/Flash/Redial/Intercom/Conference Keys The KX-T7230 digital phone works with the Panasonic KX-TD, KX-TDA, KX-TD308, KX-TD816, and KX-TD1232 control units. It has a special RJ-11 jack to which an extra single line phone can be connected.

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Panasonic PBX System w/ Automated Attendent

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